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Make your Lessons Truly Fun & Interactive with Activities from Interactive Resources!

Tired of using your Interactive Whiteboard as a glorified whiteboard? Looking for new ways to make those hardware purchases usable in the classroom? Then, look no further than Interactive Resources!

Interactive Resources is a fantastic set of math and literacy activities and games for use with projectors, interactive whiteboards and wireless tablets. Simple to use, interactive and loads of fun, it will enhance and supplement any K-8 Math and Literacy standards-based curriculum.

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iR is flexible! Choose an iR product depending on your budget… and needs.

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The iR Online Subscription

iR OnlineiR Online is a yearly subscription service that is affordable to fit most teachers’ budgets. Teachers can always access all content at their leisure during the subscription term which is one school year term. Any new activities or games added would be accessible with the Subscription package.
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iR Intranet Pack

iR IntranetThe iR Intranet Pack is for school / district purchases. If you have a certain amount of funds for purchasing at one time and do not want to be charged a yearly subscription fee, this is the best iR package to own as a school or district site license for a one time charge. Once purchased, the pack is owned indefinitely by the school or district. Any future updates or activities would need to be purchased separately.
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iR Original Packs

iR Original Packs iR Original Packs are provided by installer for individual computers. There is no need to connect to the Internet to use them. Each package is sold by site license. This allows installation onto all computers and laptops within one school.

Schools need MORE CONTENT to implement curriculum for Interactive Whiteboards


Interactive Resources is created by Mark Cogan, a former teacher extraordinare in the UK. When the Ministry of Education mandated all classrooms had to have Interactive Whiteboards, Mark was at a loss for what to do with his students and started creating simple and fun lessons that he used year after year… Now, over 8000+ schools in the world have succeeded in implementing iR with their IWBs and teachers in the U.S. are starting to see their own need for iR with their newly acquired IWBs and Wireless Pads!

Works on Any Interactive Whiteboard or Pad

Interactive Resources was developed with the Adobe Flash program and works on any brand of Interactive Whiteboard.
It also works on both PC and MAC and is available in a web-based version as well.
Any Interactive Whiteboard

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