Case Studies

Interactive Resources gets students fired up using interactive whiteboards

Ben Franklin Elementary School
Tracy McCandless, 3rd Grade Teacher
Littleton Public Schools, Littleton, Colorado

When entering the 3rd grade classroom of teacher Tracy McCandless, you’ll find a group of very enthusiastic students gathered around a large, cozy rug. Although these students are not at their desks, they are fully engaged into learning – learning that takes place in front of their teacher, each other and an interactive whiteboard. McCandless has made using an interactive whiteboard an integral part of her teaching and has placed it front and center in the classroom. Like all teachers that embrace new technology, she has found her interactive whiteboard to be an indispensible teaching tool for her class.

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How does iR help to motivate students and build their math skills?

Using iR Games in the Classroom

Once you start using iR games in your classroom, your students will not want to stop!

  • iR games attract students and motivate their learning.
  • iR games can generate an reasonable amount of practice.
  • iR games lead students to talking about Mathematics.

Using Whole Class Resources

We know teachers don’t have time to make learning resources, so iR Whole Class ready-made Resources are here to help!

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